Netball Indonesia week has kicked off!

Netball Indonesia week kicked off with SMAN 1 and SMAN 5 Mataram today! We played netball games with teams made up of both Australian and Indonesian netball players. The Australian girls got a taste of Indonesian culture by attending the flag ceremony held every Monday at school, then enjoyed a performance of Tegini Tegana, a Sasak folk song (Sasak is the ethnic group in Lombok). The Indonesian students also learnt some Australian clapping games and the Australian netballers visited classes to share stories about Australian culture before heading to a local Warung for lunch, and some shopping at a traditional pasar (market). 

The comradeship, teamwork and sportsmanship that was demonstrated both on and off the court was incredible, and truly demonstrates the unique ability that sport has in connecting people. We are so proud of the Indonesian school girls who have learnt a new sport in just 6 weeks, and had the courage to play netball in front of the entire school! Everybody played so well and has improved so much!

We are so excited to visit SMA Kesuma tomorrow!


14479588_1002982196479619_6891025054941106184_n14469535_1002982369812935_5347148286453853562_n.jpg14469630_1002982249812947_4284050020690316439_n.jpg14492589_1002982553146250_521411880441584043_n copy.jpg14502906_1002982376479601_6349564535489334844_n copy.jpg14563329_1002982699812902_4940529189517238856_n.jpg14517652_1002982199812952_6872546484435778973_n.jpg14494660_1002982719812900_2277809685635198257_n.jpg14590372_1002982626479576_2445931578422385992_n.jpg



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