Two day netball training workshop

The two day netball training workshop was a huge success! The girls learnt a range of netball skills including defence, attack, footwork, ball and shooting skills and spent some quality time with the Australian netball representatives building friendships and creating memories!

We are all so proud of all the participating students and the Australian netball representatives. The Indonesia netball girls all worked so hard, played amazingly and grown and improved so much!

Congratulations to SMAN 5 for winning the school round-robin tournament and to the girls from the three schools who were selected as representatives for the final Australia vs Indonesia game (first time ever!), which was opened with the Australian and Indonesian National anthem, followed by a hip hop dance performance and percussion from SMAN 5 – which was incredible!!

Thank you to all the netball participants and sports teachers from SMA Kesuma, SMAN 1 and SMAN 5, the Indonesian Liaison Officers, and last but not least the 13 Australian netball representatives!





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