Playing ball games in the village

14718759_1013826118728560_5890999348861997958_nThe Australian netball volunteers from Netball Indonesia visited Jage Kastare Foundation (JKF) in Central Lombok. JKF is a community learning centre which mainly aims to promote learning and social awareness of youth in a local community of Ungge Village, Lombok, Indonesia. Specifically, it attempts to provide chances for local children and teenagers to learn relevant skills for their future needs, to develop their interests and talents in local wisdom, culture and arts, and also to develop the skills of critical and global understanding about the bigger world outside their boundaries. JKF was founded in March 2013 and is kept alive by volunteers. The Australian netball volunteers from Netball Indonesia were so happy to visit JKF and play ball games with everyone. Thank you for welcoming us!








Two day netball training workshop

The two day netball training workshop was a huge success! The girls learnt a range of netball skills including defence, attack, footwork, ball and shooting skills and spent some quality time with the Australian netball representatives building friendships and creating memories!

We are all so proud of all the participating students and the Australian netball representatives. The Indonesia netball girls all worked so hard, played amazingly and grown and improved so much!

Congratulations to SMAN 5 for winning the school round-robin tournament and to the girls from the three schools who were selected as representatives for the final Australia vs Indonesia game (first time ever!), which was opened with the Australian and Indonesian National anthem, followed by a hip hop dance performance and percussion from SMAN 5 – which was incredible!!

Thank you to all the netball participants and sports teachers from SMA Kesuma, SMAN 1 and SMAN 5, the Indonesian Liaison Officers, and last but not least the 13 Australian netball representatives!




Tuesday 4th – SMA Kesuma School Visit

The school visit to SMA Kesuma was so much fun!


The Australian netball representatives were welcomed with Gendang Beleq, Yel-yel Pramuka and Tari Gandrung! Abi, Lauren, the sports teacher and religion teacher even got up and danced in front of the whole school for a great Australia netball and Indonesian dance fusion!





The Indonesian Netball students and Australians played a mixed netball game with great shooting from the Indonesian girls! The crowd also went wild when our 9 year old Australian netball player, Charli, scored – twice!!!






Netball Indonesia week has kicked off!

Netball Indonesia week kicked off with SMAN 1 and SMAN 5 Mataram today! We played netball games with teams made up of both Australian and Indonesian netball players. The Australian girls got a taste of Indonesian culture by attending the flag ceremony held every Monday at school, then enjoyed a performance of Tegini Tegana, a Sasak folk song (Sasak is the ethnic group in Lombok). The Indonesian students also learnt some Australian clapping games and the Australian netballers visited classes to share stories about Australian culture before heading to a local Warung for lunch, and some shopping at a traditional pasar (market). 

The comradeship, teamwork and sportsmanship that was demonstrated both on and off the court was incredible, and truly demonstrates the unique ability that sport has in connecting people. We are so proud of the Indonesian school girls who have learnt a new sport in just 6 weeks, and had the courage to play netball in front of the entire school! Everybody played so well and has improved so much!

We are so excited to visit SMA Kesuma tomorrow!


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Australian Consul-General supports Netball Indonesia

Thank you very much Consul-General Dr Helena Studdert for visiting SMA 5.  Rain, hail or shine the girls were still semangat to show off their new netball skills! Dr Helena Studdert used to play netball herself as Goal Defence (GD).

Terimakasih atas kunjungannya Ibu DR, Helena Studdert, Konsulat Jendral Kedutaan Besar Australia. Siswa SMA 5 tetap semangat main bola jaring meskipun hujan! Dulu Dr Helena Studdert juga bermain netball sebagai posisi Goal Defence (GD)!







Netball training at SMA 5

Gesa, our Chief Indonesian liaison Officer talking about netball training at SMA 5 yesterday, Thursday 8th of October:

“I absolutely love these girls and not because they’re terrific players, but their enthusiasm and sportsmanship are second to none. They literally clapped when someone (even from the opposite team) successfully intercepted or shot the ball (not all the time but still), and setting up the court was a whole team effort.”



One of the girls Instagram posts after todays awesome training at SMA 5.