About Us

About Rebecca…

Hi and welcome! I’m Rebecca Lambert – a 25 year old female, born and bred Darwin local. I was raised on a farm one hour south of Darwin, attended Nightcliff Primary School throughout my primary years, and spent my final schooling years at Pembroke School in Adelaide, residing as a boarder.

My tertiary years saw me graduate from Charles Darwin University (CDU) with a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) and a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours). I was also lucky enough to be awarded a study abroad scholarship to study psychology for six months at the University of South Florida (FL, USA).

I have worked in a range of positions in the public and private sector, with the majority of my work experiences being with the Northern Territory Government (NTG) and most recently, the NSW Government. I am interested in people, physical/mental health, community development, language, culture and food!

My interest in Indonesia stemmed from studying the language in primary school. However it wasn’t until high school at Pembroke where I decided that it was cool and exciting to be able to speak another language! I was one of three western students studying Bahasa Indonesia at Pembroke, and I loved conversing with the Malay students in their language. After finishing my Psychology studies, I enrolled in a Diploma of Languages (Indonesian) and have received various scholarships to study Indonesian in-country in both Lombok and Kupang, where I lived sharing a bedroom in an Asrama (Indonesian boarding house). Most recently, I was selected as an Australian ambassador for the Australian Indonesian Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP), which is where I met Meisha. We lived in West Kalimantan for over two months – one month in a rural Indonesian village doing community development work, and one month in Pontianak working at Sekolah Luar Biasa Dharma Asih, which is a school for deaf and disabled students. These experiences, along with my travels throughout Indonesia, have amazed and inspired me to continue engagement with Indonesia. I look foward to this Netball Indonesia journey with Meisha, and seeing what future engagement I have with the Australian-Indonesian bilateral relationship!

About Meisha…

Hi, I’m Meisha! I am twenty-five years old and grew up in the hinterland of Byron Bay. I attended Mullumbimby High School and then went on to study a Bachelor of Arts – International Relations and Sociology at the University of Queensland (UQ). I studied Indonesian at school and during my university studies, and have always had an active interest in Indonesia’s diversity of culture and natural wonders. After graduating from UQ in 2013, I received the Darmasiswa Scholarship, an Indonesian government sponsored program, to study language, arts and culture at the State University of Yogyakarta for one year. It was during this year of living, studying, working and travelling in Indonesia that I fell in love with the country, which deepened my interest in the Australia-Indonesia relationship.

I have had diverse experiences and engagement with the Australia-Indonesia relationship. Some examples beyond my formal study in Indonesian studies and International Relations include:
– Selected as a delegate for the Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program 2015/16, West Kalimantan (community development team leader and internship at the Language Institute, University of Tanjungpura)
– Teacher at the State University of Yogyakarta 2014/2015
– Recipient of the Darmasiswa Scholarship 2014/2015
– Completed a research internship at Senator Claire Moore’s Office about student exchanges to Indonesia
– Member of AIYA QLD volunteering at the IndOZ Business Networking Dinner and IndOZ festival (23rd-24th August 2013)
– Attended the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper public consultations Indonesia table Brisbane (May 2013)
– Volunteer English teacher in Lombok 2012
– Building relations through intercultural dialogue and growing engagement (BRIDGE) program participant 2008/2009
– AND many travel experiences and adventures in Indonesia where I have met incredible people and heard many incredible stories!

I am excited to embark on this journey with Bec, to connect people and cultures through sport and to inspire, and be inspired, by other young women!