Who we work with

We are working with three schools based in Mataram, Lombok – SMA 1, SMA Kesuma and SMA 5.

Guru Olahraga: Pak Muhajir


SMAN Kesuma
Guru Olahraga: Pak Ketut


Guru Olahraga: Pak Eka


Meet our Chief Indonesia Liaison Officer – Adlini Ilma Ghaisany Sjah (Gesa!)


Hi, I’m Gesa – short from Adlini Ilma Ghaisany Sjah. I am a twenty-four year old Indonesian who has spent a third of my life in Australia. I spent part of my primary and secondary school years in the small town of Gatton, Queensland, before I returned to finish high school at SMAN 1 Mataram in Lombok, Indonesia. I graduated as a Bachelor of Social Science – International Relations from the University of Indonesia in 2013 and as a Master of International Relations from the University of Melbourne in 2016. In line with my interest in international affairs and social development, I have worked for a number of institutions including the University of Indonesia’s Department of International Relations, the Indonesian Ministry for Education, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Clearing House Indonesia, and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Due to my personal experiences living in two different countries, I have always explored avenues to deepen Australian-Indonesian ties specifically and to develop better intercultural understanding in the society. During my time in Australia, I have performed various traditional dances (including Tari Saman, Tari Piring, Tari Randai, and Tari Pasambahan) for schools and the general public through Melbourne’s many cultural festivals. I have also been actively involved in the debating community in Indonesia, both as a participant and a coach for other young debaters. My achievements in debating including being the national champion for two major debating competitions – ALSA UI 2011 and JOVED 2012 – and the regional ASEAN Youth Debate Competition in the Tunza International Environment Conference in 2011. Through debating, I have encouraged others to engage in critical thinking and to have an open mind to others’ experiences and perspectives. I have also immersed myself in the Australian culture, particularly through sport, by joining clubs such as the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association Victorian chapter’s Football and Netball clubs (the Krakatoas), where we played a spirited season against other mixed teams in Melbourne’s Social Netball competition. I am delighted to join Netball Indonesia as the Chief Liaison Officer and continue proliferating netball, active living, and Australia-Indonesia friendship in Indonesia!

Meet our Liaison Officers

Syarifana Aisyah Suriadi
M.Azhar Kholidi
Hamdan Hamaris
Al-Amin Budi Mulia
Joshua Iwaszko

Left to right: Rebecca Lambert, Al-Amin Budi Mulia, Adlini Ilma Ghaisany Sjah, M.Azhar Kholidi, Meisha Grant and Joshua Iwaszko.

Sports teachers, Liaison Officers and Co-founders of Netball Indonesia with the newly built netball posts at SMAN 5

The Australian Netball Representatives

Jemma Ploughman – Brisbane, QLD

Abigail Marsh – Brisbane, QLD

Ashlee Unie – Sunshine Coast, QLD

Amy Della-Torre – Sunshine Coast, QLD

Lucia Lu – Sydney, NSW

Haylee Gillies – Darwin, NT

Anne Elizabeth – Darwin, NT

Leanne Bugg – Katherine, NT

Chicarnee Pickering – Katherine, NT

Jayne Fendyk – Melbourne, VIC

Jackie Crawford – Bendigo, VIC

Lauren Parmenter – Canberra, ACT